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'Bring Back Kelly Sheridan as the Voice of Barbie' Petition

I know a lot of people were disappointed by some of the changes made in 'Barbie: A Fashion Fairy Tale'. My three nieces and I were devestated about the voice change. I'm not saying that Diana Kaarina is a particularly bad actress, but she's not the Barbie that we have all grown to know and love over the past ten years.

Mattel have already said they may re-consider the voice change due to the number of complaints they have received. I have created a petition which I hope will give them a final push in the right direction.

Please set aside a moment of your time to sign, and just maybe we will see Kelly Sheridan reinstated in her rightful role.

"True courage is pursuing your dream even when everyone else says it's impossible." ~ Barbie and the Three Musketeers