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The Moon Knight Before Christmas

“The Moon Knight Before Christmas” was an odd episode of Ultimate Spider-Man. Of course I’ve only seen three full episodes (the others had Ron Stoppable as Deadpool & Zatanna Misty Lee as Squirrel Girl), so what do I know? It felt like the writers just found out it was getting cancelled & retconned multiple episodes worth of backstory into it once they realized they hadn’t gotten to Mysterio yet. Paul Schreer would be a good pick for an over the top goofy Mysterio, yet he was written resignedly maudlin. I liked his green plaid shirt, & they nailed his not quite Dr. Octopus bowl cut. Kudos to casting Diedrich Bader as Marvel’s explicitly neurodivergent anti-lycanthrope answer to Batman, Moon Knight. They didn’t have much room to flesh this titular guest star out between the corporate mandated Doctor Strange synergy & introducing two Mysterios, but focusing on him as an indomitable weapons master that won’t quit yapping about the moon was the right beat to focus on. For a Christmas themed episode, it was a missed opportunity not to highlight his Marc Spector personality was raised Jewish. Too bad the lunatic never shouted “I AM THE FIST OF KHONSHU!”

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