Not awful

This film deserves more than a four. Trust me, I understand why this film is so disliked. It is definitely slow and pretty boring in parts and it's pretentious and meanders. I actually wasn't bored in this film for some reason, even though it's the kind of film i usually hate. It was just so entertaining watching Keanu banging his head to a rock song in his car, or sneakily stealing something from a petrol station, and even more hilarious stealing a video camera and running away from a mob with a gleeful smile. The 'twist' ending was actually really interesting I think. The acting from the 3 leads was actually really good too.

But the bad things are, the acting from the room-mate and the guy Keanu met at the restaurant, they were absolutely atrocious. The middle drags and the melodramatic stories of abuse were awkward in a way I don't think the film-makers intended. I'm pretty sure that if this film was directed by post-effort Terrence Malick (after 1998) it would have gotten a much better RT rating and better critical reviews.

This film is not great, it is merely pretty interesting, but it deserves maybe a 5.5 pr a 5.9, i gave it a 6/10. But again, if you hated it, you have 100% reason to, i just couldn't find anything to really despised or love about this film.