Not so bad!

I just saw the movie. The german title is "Threesome", which somehow is more appealing to me but whatever. As you can guess I am german so forgive my bad English.

I think someone who doesn't know anything about the movie and just sees the poster thinks this might be some drama about drugs and sex and in the end someone dies of course. There's gonna be a lot of great party scenes and fun until the end so you can watch it with your friends without having to think too much about it.
Well, no it isn't a very funny movie and there's not as much drugs and hot chicks as I thought there would be.
As a matter of fact I was very pleased with the movie. It was a positive surprise. I'm not saying it's a very deep or meaningful movie but it's just an interesting one. And there's a LOT of indie movies that seem to be interesting and then totally get lost in nothing substantial. This movie doesn't even try to get on some high point. It's very low and subtle. I like such movies. I guess the people who say this movie is total crap also say Kubrick's "Barry Lyndon" is a crappy movie but it just isn't. It's a great movie as long as you can find interest in it. It doesn't give you what would satisfy you it only gives you a chance to find something in it and I like that.
I admit, there's nothing in this movie you can really point your finger at and say "THAT was great!" It's a much more flowing film which puts you in a certain mood. Maybe a little bit like "Kids" by Larry Clarke.

So don't judge too fast. It's really not a bad movie.


The movie is very slow paced and focuses on the three characters.

The "THAT was great!" part for me was the scenes during the ending credits. Very funny!


Me too!