Episode 508

So, needless to say don't read on if you haven't gotten to that point yet. If you have, please do move your cursor over the blacked out passage below...

I just watched episode 508 where The Swede finally meets his demise (or at least I think so, being he has escaped death so many times before I do wonder if he has yet one more left, but given the fashion in this one, it seems doubtful). That said, I feel like the rest of the episodes may be anti-climactic. Did anyone else feel that way? I know there is much else to resolve, but the struggle between Bohannon and Gunderson was, to me, the greatest and most dramatic plot of the show. Offing Gunderson with six episodes to go just feels too "easy".

But what do I know. I'm just a girl.


Nah the best part of the show was completing the railroad and the trials and tribulations to complete it. Just finished the series in 4 days. I feel a void lol watching first episode again.