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Naomi Isaac Storyline... WTF?

How was she allowed to be with another man? I thought only men were allowed to marry multiple women in the Mormon faith? So as a devout Mormon, how was she with another man while she was still married to Cullen? Especially her father. He seemed to be the most strict Mormon faithful. I know he didn't like Cullen too much but I just can't believe that he would allow his married daughter to be with another man, living under his roof.

I'm not saying this because I thought Naomi and Cullen belonged together. I actually thought Isaac was better for her, even though he was annoying. He might have loved her, but Cullen could never be what Naomi wanted and needed. A "family man" that is with her and there for her every day. Isaac was willing to do that.

But being the very religious Mormons that they were, and believing in the sanctity of marriage, there is no way that Naomi or her dad (especially her dad) would condone her living with another man while still being married to Cullen. It just didn't make sense.


Some Latter-Day Saints (as well as some Catholics) don't regard marriages to people raised outside the faith as valid. Marriages outside the faith are contractual, just legal agreements between the husband and wife, while a marriage between two people within the faith is considered a sacred covenant between the husband, wife, and God.

So, while they insisted that Cullen marry the mother of his child so that the baby wouldn't be illegitimate, they may not have seen it as a sacred covenant. In which case, as soon as a man comes along willing to take her as his wife within the faith, the first marriage could be lawfully annulled. And when the Church annuls a marriage, it's sort of like resetting time and the whole blasphemous mixed-religion union never took place. XD


Not to mention the marriage was administered by a fraud, so by most laws it was invalid.