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Is Superman able to consumate his relationship with Louis?

If there is intercourse, wouldn't he damage her beyond repair?
If they can't have babies, because of their biologies being different, how can they have sex? Does this come up anywhere in the comics ?

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See Superman 2: The Richard Donner cut. This is the only time a physical relationship between the two characters is explicitly implied other than golden age comics in which they have a super child, and also excluding The New Adventures of Lois and Clark, whilst Superman still has his powers. It's not that their physical bodies are too different to be compatible, btw, they can't have babies for the same reasons human can't have babies with an ape, it's the compatibility of chromosomes that determines whether two species can interbreed, like a horse and a donkey, for example, compatible enough to mate, but the offspring, a mule, is often sterile. Apparently in this story humans and kryptonians aren't compatible enough to mate at all, but that doesn't rule out a physical relationship.


Not to be a pedant, but Louis is a man's name. Lois - note the lack of a U - is a woman's name.

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Its boring for Supes, cause he has to just lay there. Only time he can "bring it" if he's shagging Wonder Woman or Maxima.

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Honestly I don't understand, is there some weird Lois joke or do some of you people actually think Louis is how the name is spelled?

Anyway, Kryptonian men and women are very similar to humans and have genitals that match. So yes Superman has a penis like a human male.Thus he can have sex with Lois's vagina.

Superman has spent his life being in control. He can have sex with Lois without breaking her in half. I assume his ejaculate doesn't shoot out like a missile.

Now depending on the canon Kryptonians and Humans can breed. Sometimes it's impossible. Sometimes science is needed. Sometimes humans are the universe universal baby machines. They can breed with many different species and create hybrids.


Is Louis the name of a horse ?



Are you suggesting that people can't have sex if they can't have babies??

I imagine the only way they could have intercourse to climax is if he is able to control his involuntary bodily functions somehow. But I don't think anyone is going to write that story.

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There's a fairly well-known (to the point that I'm a little flummoxed that it hasn't already been mentioned by anyone up-thread) essay by Larry Niven which examines this very question.

It's called "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex", which kinda-sorta gives away the conclusion it reaches. :P

ETA: Ah, nice, there's a facsimile full-text illustrated version available online:
Page 1:
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When I saw this thread, the first thing I thought of was that Larry Niven essay there.


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So it's all fine for Superman.
He's only screwed when a story writer decides for him not to screw ^^

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I thought they were going to get it on when he gave her the 24-hour power-up. Time to go to town.

But he said they couldn't reproduce and have offspring, they were too different.
But then he also said he had descendants, and they looked like the Lane family to Lois.
And Lex cracked his DNA code and obviously shared it with Lois so she could have a super-baby from in-vitro fertilization. Not sure how they got past the inter-species issue though.