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Watched this movie with a friend from Mexico... he made some good points

He basically said that this movie is the equivalent of someone from outside the US watching "Boys in the Hood", "Goodfells" or any other gangster movie and thinking that its an accurate portrayal of the United States.

El Infierno is, indeed, an accurate depiction of how many in Mexico live just like Boys in the Hood is an accurate description of how many people living in urban cities in the US. However, neither movie represents their country as a whole.

My friend pointed out that there are plenty of safe places in Mexico to visit or live in, however, you need to know what parts to stay away from just like you probably know what parts of the neighborhood you live in to stay away from.

The other point he made was that many of those killed in Mexico are involved in the drug trade some how. The media always portrays the stories of collateral damage (like a drug lords sons and daughters being killed or an innocent bystander catching a stray bullet) but for the most part, people aren't being killed randomly. Again, to avoid these types of incidents just stay away from bad neighborhoods.

Overall, we thought it was a great movie but don't let it discourage you from visiting Mexico if you ever decide you want to go.