The Ending (Spoiler )

A really terrific action thriller shown at the Tribeca Film Festival. One of the major characters is the night club, since most of the action takes place within.

What do you suppose happens, since the ending is left open:

1) Does Vincent live
2) Does Alex live to expose Lacombe
3) Does Lacombe get away with the drugs's reported Warner Bros has picked up the American rights


I think the drugs were more or less left in the parking lot after the shoot out, and I assume Vignali after she fell from the car still alive did get to out Lacombe so he would go down. Also I believe Vincent did live since he had a smile on his face while they rolled him into the ER, I assume he needed a quick transfusion due to blood loss, the rest of his wounds were probably no more than a few cracked or broken bones & a lot of sore muscles.

The real question that I have is, was he really undercover? Or was that an awfully convenient cover to use at a time where he desperately needed someone on his side? His higher-up may have been in with his partner to get the drugs which helps his story yes, but in the beginning after the heist went wrong, him being involved in a murder plus being pretty seriously injured & still not seeing a DR. or going to a hospital all to see his undercover mission through, yea I suppose a cop could be that dedicated.

It all depends on what the viewer prefers since they they left so much unfinished, I guess I prefer a bad guy with good qualities over a straight up undercover narc.

Being from the US & hearing of the remake just makes me ill, Hmm let me guess Jason Statham will play the role of Vincent, yay I can't wait........not really.


the drugs were taken when Luciano was arrested so they were probably in the car that Lacombe crashed.



Lacombe would have gone down no matter what. Even if the girl detective died, they would have to explain how Luciano got a bullet to the head after he shot the two in the front seat.

Judging by how far he shot him from leaning outside the car, they would either have to take Lacombe`s word for it or notice that the badguy somehow grabbed Lacombe's car, killed the two in the front seat, and then Lacombe was able to headshot Luciano while sitting next to him.