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Enjoyed it a lot, despite some big problems (SPOILERS)

I liked the film and its premise. It was very enjoyable and had some nice twists and fights. Plus, I liked the dilemma of the cop trying to save his son and deal with the drug dealers. There were some big problems, though.

For one thing, all those gunshots and fights occur in the club and nobody thought to call the cops. Yes, there were cops in the place already, but you'd think people would call more of them with all those fights.

Second, speaking of gunshots, nobody hears them. Okay, there's lots of loud music and people talking, but still, guns are very loud. If they had silencers and subsonic ammo, okay, I guess I could buy that. But they don't even have that much. At the first few shots, the club should have emptied out.

Third, that guy gets flipped over a freaking staircase, falls several feet and doesn't die immediately or break his back?! Um, okay.

As I said, I did like the movie. You just really have to suspend your disbelief a lot.