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Amy Schumer and Tom Cruise

Watching this, Wesley and Bianca have mannerisms and gestures that so remind me of Schumer and Cruise. They're adorable! She also looks a little like Ellen Page, but those mannerisms, wow, totally Amy.

Sic vis pacem para bellum.



I totally agree with you on the Tom Cruise mannerisms part. And the similar mannerisms made him resemble Cruise in certain scenes to the point where I imagined a younger Cruise playing the role in the locker room scene pectoral muscle flexing. A taller version, of course.

But she did not remind me of Schumer at any time. For me it was more like Janeane Garofalo and Tom Cruise--especially the way Garofalo's character was in Truth About Cats and Dogs. I really enjoyed both of their performances and chemistry--all comparisons to older actors aside.


Colin Egglesfield and Alison Lohman for me. It was actually quite distracting!