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So conventional ending!

The following aspects of the movie are genre staples:

- The guy who had the most lust (drug dealer) pays for it with his life soon afterwards.

- The creepy older rich white guy turns out to be evil.

- The humorous guy in the evil dude's den gets killed brutally just to prove the evil dude's brutality, despite the fact that they are supposedly in league for years and know each other well.

- The jaded, prostitute who has been working in the business for 15 years redeems herself in the audience eyes by her loyalty to the young ingenue, but nonetheless pays for her sins by dying.

- The young ingenue is turned away from a life of prostitution, thanks to the heroic sacrifices of the older prostitute (despite the fact that she only got her in trouble).

Basically a morality tale.


I was actually fairly happy with the ending, which is rare for me, and also that the women were not superwomen.