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Bennett Was Like An Indestructable Blood Hound.

How in the hell was he always finding them? Back alleys and such. Sydney isn't a small city.

bushtony and his mother suffer from Congential Stupidtiy and they didn't see it coming.


He's probably well aware of where prostitutes work in Sydney, their usual strips and such, and he no doubt had different connections throughout the community. Besides, they can only go so far via cab or what have you before having to get out and either hoof it or get a new cab.

It was a little strange, though, at how quickly he could find them. Then again, we never find out what the time frame actually is for when he finds them, loses them, etc etc.


At some point I thought of the Terminator or Chirgun in No Country for Old Men. A true godwhacker.

Javier H. Moreno


I like the way he got up and walked after he got run over.

The actor should audition for a Terminator film!

Its that man again!!