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I was left really empty by this ending..

The bad guy was a complete scum bag. It might have been more realistic but that's why we have the news. The bad men every day in the real world. When I watch an action movie I want to see them getting put down not killing the only half way morally decent character. That ending left me completely cold.


Totally agree. You brits cant be happy for a while


If you've seen a certain US TV series then you'll have developed a slight immunity to the impact of the ending.

Not even going to name the series for fear of spoilers but I'm betting those who've seen it know which one I'm talking about.


what a complete *beep* ending seriusly are you *beep* kidding me


I had a sick feeling in my gut as well. There is a duel message here.

The war has just begun.


Live by the sword. Die by the sword.

Alayna was probably assassinated. Miller in turn knew that. He was simply exacting revenge.

Another message, uttered by Alayna, needs to be remembered here.

"[Pakistani] ISI and the CIA are Al-Quaida."

Langdon just scoffed at that, then later to Miller pretty much confirmed Illuminati "talking points." About the need for world domination via terror. (9/11, 7/7, Mumbai, etc.)

Read "The Third Force" by Dr. Preston James:

Every time Dr. James uses phrase such as "City of London," "British Empire," "the Crown;" let those words sink in...


Agreed. I really enjoyed the film, and it's more realistic tone, until the final scene. I don't watch movies to make life seem more miserable than it already feels.

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I just finished the film and I spent the past five minutes from then staring at my comp going "whoa". That was something!

I agree it is totally depressing, however therein lies the impact. Aren`t you too tired of all the hollywood endings where situations that cannot possibly have good outcome in real life somehow get all sorted out and off into the sunset we frolic?

The ending was dark, almost numbing, and the most powerful movie moment I`ve experienced in past years - and that`s what art is supposed to be, a trigger of emotion and thought. It doesn`t have to be pretty, but it has to challenge our thinking.


So *beep* pist of by the ending. GOD DAMN IT *beep* MAKING A BAD ENDING TO A GOOD MOVIE LIKE THIS!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?!


Same here. I was to drop a rather high score but this ending just killed it.


Man I just deducted 6 points for ending alone. Gave the rest for realistic acting and all but seriously what the crap was this?

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Great ending!