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Comparison to La Dolce Vita **SPOILERS**

Both Turn Me On, Dammit! and La Dolce Vita are about boredom, and how boredom drives people to mistreat one another. Fellini took the brave step of DELIBERATELY making La Dolce Vita (the movie itself) very boring, so that the audience would FEEL the same boredom as the characters. It then becomes more comprehensible why the characters seek escape in sex, invading other people's privacy, deliberate cruelty and suicide. While Fellini had a point, and his movie made that point, that doesn't make it an enjoyable movie. In fact, La Dolce Vita is just awful to watch. I keep thinking it might get better if I rewatch it, and it never does. (I'm done with rewatching that one.)

But Turn Me On, Dammit!, conveys boredom with humor and compassion. There are 3 of the same 4 escapes: sex, invading other people's privacy and deliberate cruelty, but the compassion allows the humor to happen. We like some characters and we understand the ones we don't like as much. It's touching.

I wouldn't have thought there would be that much in common between La Dolce Vita and any movie that followed it. I thought the industry had learned its lesson about deliberately conveying boredom. But Turn Me On, Dammit!, succeeded and was actually enjoyable. Boredom can be mined for humor, at last. It just required a more forgiving attitude.