I’ve got news for you. EVERYTHING out there is derivative. There are only about 7 truly original story themes out there….and everything else derives from them.

Boy and his dog…, etc, etc.

Calling this movie derivative, and ripping off parts of other movies (like Bourne) is a weak and tired (and rather ridiculous) criticism.

This movie wasn’t created to break new ground or be Shakespeare. It knows exactly what it is—a fun popcorn movie. That is all.

Derivative? Hell, Star Wars is derivative of Seven Samurai. The Godfather is derivative of Greek Tragedies. Etc, etc….

If you want original, you’re going to need to go back a ways….like the Bible for example.

Just enjoy this movie for what it is…a heck of a ride. Clearly the cast had a good time with their roles. Try not to take it too seriously.