I just wish…

This was a GREAT movie! Lots of fun. I just saw it in the theater and I’m surprised at how good it was! I just wish….SPOILER……the very last scene added just one extra cherry on top.

Earlier in the movie, the guy who caught Six via the trap doors…had been talking about an island he’d like to retire to…and, a tropical drink with honey in it.

It would have been great if the last shot of the movie was Six ordering that drink. Afterall, he mentioned a couple different times how he wanted to retire “somewhere with palm trees”.

And since scenes like the guy describing in great detail that tropical drink with honey are usually for a purpose (typically foreshadowing)….I thought for certain we’d see Six getting his retirement wish, and ordering that drink somewhere with palm trees.

Missed opportunity in an otherwise awesome movie. And great to see Evans play against his usual roles.


It is an awesome action movie that seems to be getting unfairly crapped on by some critics because it’s distributed by Netflix.

Not that anyone should give a shit what the critics say, watch it for yourself and form your own opinion.

One of the best action films of the year in my opinion and some funny lines throughout as well.