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Man on the Train vs L'homme du train

So, is it to early to start pondering this?

(Some spoilerage ahead if you haven't seen the French film.)

I watched L'homme du train and thoroughly enjoyed it (something about those French films). I'm not sure how American remakes of such French films go, but I think for Man on the Train to be successful it has to capture that feeling, the feeling of two random people going about their normal business in their small community and then becoming intertwined because of their envy for the other's life. It's a 'personal' feeling.

As for the actors, I see Donald Sutherland as being the perfect counterpart to Jean Rochefort as the Professor. I can't wait to witness Sutherland's performance no matter how the movie turns out because I don't think he can go bad.

With Larry Mullen Jr, I don't know. I don't think I've ever seen any of his work, but I have a feeling that he'll bring his own small twist to the role of the Thief. Maybe it's too superficial, but just by looking at him and Johnny Hallyday I feel two different types of people, in person and in character. (Reading up one him a bit it seems that he's revered, so hopefully that's a good sign.)

Of course, a bit of warranted change in the character(s) might not be a bad thing. There's not really a reason to remake a film within a decade if the only change will be the language, and so I look forward to the little differences.

Through Google I'm finding May 20 as the release date, but that seems very soon for a film that I haven't seen any advertising for.


Its not an American remake, its canadian/irish, so (hopefully) should understand the french/European qualities of the original and transport them to an English speaking audience.

The big fear is the director whop has made nothing but rubbish so far. Check out the cast of 'the bridge of san luis rey'. How could such an ensemble go wrong?

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Well hey, thanks for that heads up. I read it in English and wrongly assumed it must be American.

Maybe the fact that a good version already exists will help the director not destroy it.


Well, personally, I can't wait for the movie. But only because it was filmed in my hometown of Orangeville, ON. Not much happens in Orangeville, so it was a big deal. They even retained Orangeville for the setting. Woo hoo!


L'homme du train is one of my favourite films. I have my doubts as to whether or not the English version will be able to carry over the nuances of the original.

The only thing I've noticed was that Larry Mullen, Jr's character was styled to look like Johnny Hallyday.

L'homme du train is available with English subtitles. Watch the original.


A truly terrible remake. Mullen was spectacularly unenjoyable onscreen.

I second amulet-1's recommendation to see the original instead.

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