Question about the ending

Spoiler Alert!

I must have fallen asleep at some point in the movie. I`m just wondering if the professor called the cops and this is what led to them being ready for the bank robbery? If not the professor then who? Thanks!

I`m tired of hearing from people who think the book was better.


Nah! The driver (the man who spoke once per day) apparently called the police because the police let him out of the barricade in the road.

What I'm confused about is the very end. Were they both dead and they just dreamed of being each other??


Oh, I missed that about the driver (Graham Greene) being let out of the barricade, so you're probably right. I did think it was the professor who called the cops. I was a bit surprised, then I thought he was probably too used to following life's rules to NOT tip them off to the robbery. Plus he'd lived there probably all his life and felt some loyalty to the town and its citizens.

Re them seeing each other at the end: I don't think they dreamed of "being" each other (if that's what you meant to say), I think they were dead and saw each other in death.


I think they were dead and saw each other in death.

Great ending.