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recent fundraiser controversy

I draw your attention to the following:

"In a trial in 1997, he was acquitted after a hung jury was unable to convict. An anti-health fraud organisation, NCAHF reported that interviews with the juror’s suggested they felt he “was guilty as charged of violating court orders not to distribute his unapproved “Antineoplastons” in interstate commerce”, but that due to the strong emotions of some of his patients, who believed in him, some jury members felt unable to convict, despite the judges warning to ignore such emotions."

Full article here:

A Burzynski PR representative responds in a ridiculous, bullying manner with baseless legal threats:


Yeah, in light of all that, some of the pages of vitriolic comments below the negative reviews of this film seem a little questionable, don't they?


The point of this film, in my opinion, was to shed light on the fact that the FDA, American Cancer Society, and other organizations that can only maintain their existence without a cure for cancer, will be overly skeptical of any "cure." I also expect Pharmaceutical unions have certain expectations with the amount of money the pump into the FDA, and for general purposes, the reason seems to be to keep any innovation in treatment, and disregard all new drugs that don't fall under the scope of a handful of companies. Antineoplastons might not have considerable impact, but the point is that if a cure was found, it would be in the best interest of Big Pharma, The American Cancer Society, and consequentially the FDA to make sure such trials never took place.

This is not an exit.


avery, agree 100%, so sad and pathetic. capitalism at its best