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I need some help, please!!!!

I have not been able to watch this novela for about a month, but now I am beginning to watch the recorded episodes. However, I am missing a few of them. When I last saw this novela I left off where the priest in Mexico City is telling Jose Miguel that Ivana and Alonso were having an affair while he was engaged to Valentina. The first episode I watched now that I can watch it again, Jose Miguel arrives at his hacienda in a taxi and he has a suitcase. I am assuming he is returning from Mexico City. He arrives and finds out that Rosendo is the new foreman. Here are my questions:

1. How did the people from Los Cascabeles convince the workers not only to send their children to the new school, but to also attend themselves?

2. What happened when Jose Miguel tracked Arzelia Olivares down. Did she reveal what his mom had done not only while he was in the seminary but also about the fake son?

3. What happened in Mexico City with Ivana and Jose Miguel? I know she spent the night in his hotel room because she supposedly had nowhere to go but that nothing sexual happened between them but I also know there was a confrontation between them and I would like to know why.

4. I know Leonor fired Sabino, but why did she hire Rosendo?

5. Is Ivana lying about being pregnant, or does she really think she might be?

6. When Jose Miguel tells Ivana to move out of the hacienda, she begins to cry and tells Leonor that Jose Miguel will never forgive her. Forgive what?

7. How is it that Alonso finally left Los Cascabeles and areed to meet his son?

I am going to find a summary on but I know that it won't be very detailed and will probably not answer all of my questions. This is why I came on here. Can anyone help me out? I thank you in advance for reading this and taking the time to respond.


Hi seville08,

I am behind too so I am not much help. I do know that JM did learn of his Mother's involement at the Seminary. The other things I am not completely clear on myself and don't want to confuse with the little I have gathered.

There is another website that can help Caray,Caray: They have good summaries, though they like to have fun with the characters so you will see nicknames for them. Most are easy to figure out. HTH!

Soy tu Dueña
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Hbsw, thank you so much for telling me about this fantastic website. All of my questions have been answered. Now I can begin watching the episodes I have recorded without feeling like I've missed a lot. Once again, thank you.


I love that site, I go there for Sortilegio, Passion, Alborada and this drama. I wish Amor Real was translated on this site though but hasn't been done yet.



I dont speak spanish so I visit a website that updates the stories everyday in english for a few telenovelas that are on television. They still have all the soy tu deuna recaps on file.

This is the link to the blogspot, I tested it out & it seems to work, I hope it is helpful.