Jake's plan made no sense!

So Jake is hailed as this genius military tactician at the beginning of this movie. In light of the events of the first movie, it is understandable. He knows how the humans operate. He knows their mentality and attitude, and of course their startegy and tactics, so he can deploy effective counter measurements, as evidenced by the tree tribe's victory at the end of the first movie. So far so good.

But Jake becomes absolutely braindead at the beginning of this movie. Let's see the facts:

- Jake knows that the primary characteristic of humans is that "they don't give up". So it should not surprise him at all that they are coming back.
- Jake is aware that Quarich is back, he even kidnaps his children, proving that there is a personal grudge / revenge angle of all this.
- Jake successfully united the tribes at the end of the last movie. So he is governing over effectively infinite resources when it comes to fighting back.

So if you were in Jake's position - what would you decide? I think just going by common sense, the very last thing on anyone's list should be "running away to a different tribe". It's stupid. It's insulting the audience's intelligence. Jake knows they are going to hunt him down, especially Quarich and his goons. That is the one thing humanity in general would be doing, as he is a prime target, so it would not make sense to run away and hide even without Quarich's involvement.

And he did not even have any other plan! I mean it was not "we will hide at the water tribe until I can amass a large enough army to fight the humans and drive them away again" or "While I am hiding, the other tribes should do guerilla warfare, perform tactical strikes on key resource lines, I will instruct them on how / what to attack". The way it is depicted in the movie, he just expected to live in peace with the water tribe... until he dies of old age? Wow, that made my brain hurt!

Also, the story is all over the place. Humanity wants a new home now, instead of just mining Unobtanium. Oh, wait, scratch Unobtanium, they are after whale juice now. I know Cameron wanted to show the water tribe and the cruelty of whaling, yadda yadda, and wanted an excuse of how to integrate the water tribe into the story. But... still you need a stroy for that. What we got at the end - after 13 years! - was just a plot outline that needed finer details, more fleshed out characters, etc.

On the positive side, Cameron still knows how to shoot an action scene, and the overall visual clarity of the movie was just awesome, especially in IMAX 3D. It was not quite as shocking technical leap as the original movie in 2009, but there were some shots and scenes where I could not even tell if there was any live action involved in the creation or not... And even considering how stupid the foundation of the story was, the plot flows (no pun intended) well, so overall the experience was entertaining - but I was mad how they sidelined Jake to focus on the kids and made him really dumb.


Let me try a bump... thoughts?


This was part of Jake’s arc in this film.

I think that years without war and having kids changed him. The first incident with Quaritch’s clone shocked him. He was overwhelmed with fear. People who are afraid make very stupid decisions. Going to the water tribe was one of them.

To make it worse, they captured Spider, who knew their location.

But at the end, Jake realizes that he couldn’t run away and that he needed to fight.

So, his arc came full circle.


You would be right, if this was the first part of the story. But this is a sequel - and Jake already realized he could not run away in the first movie.

On top of that, given their history with Quaritch, no one in his right mind could think Q will not chase after them.

But I'll tell you what would have made sense. What if only the kids are sent to the water tribe, allowing Jake and Neytiri to fight themselves (with the tree tribe), and knowing they are safe and protected there. Or at least float this idea, then have Neytiri shut it down, saying that the family should stay together. That would have been a more sensible plot, since it's just out of character for Jake to try to hide and expect the humans giving up - leaving them alone.


I think an argument could be made that his position changed the moment he had children. He became overprotective - hence the run, despite knowing how futile that was.
I'm merely suggesting a counterpoint here - personally, I think the story in the first film and this one were utter crap - a cheap mimicry of much better films in terms of storytelling.


What we got at the end - after 13 years! - was just a plot outline that needed finer details, more fleshed out characters, etc

Yup. Bored me to tears.


I loved it but you are right on the story criticisms. It was the weakest part of the movie.


I just finished the movie, I've the same question: "Why go to another tribe?"

What makes Jake think humans will forgive his soldiers because he is not there anymore? Why not move the entire tribe to another place?