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Neg post in 'user reviews' sandtonvideo

Just a little piece of advice ..Not to be mean or anything but we all know before taking forum postings serious at IMDb, we must research the author. This is why IMDb allows other members access to our profile, past reviews, ratings, and our past postings. For example: Observe 'sandtonvideo' who left 'what may or may not still be' the first post in user reviews Evidently he's not much of a movie buff lol considering he's extremely critical of all 10 flicks he's commented on, of course w/ one wonderful exception (whispers .."ANTI-CHRIST") eeek! Guess that explains why this beautiful movie wasnt exactly his cup of tea.

Lastly, at times we'll find that a member had registered 2,3 yrs ago yet only recently commented on one or 2 movies (the 2nd movie is usually to throw us off). Since movies and documentaries take that long to throw 2gether ..and INVESTERS, movie crews, actors, AGENTS, and sometimes directors, are the first to know about a movie project yrs in advance ...they are usually the ones adoring & idolizing particular flops. On the other hand, if they show waaay to much animousity on a popular or good film, the only film they've commented on after a 2,3,4 yr membership, doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that one out ~Jus saying, use your own discretion wisely

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