movie vs documentary

Kevin is amazing... the extras which show his relationship with the lions is worth the price of the dvd. showing the lions loose among people is special to watch.

The movie is a little slow... I liked the narrator... I loved the scenery.. and I loved seeing the lions...

But the scenes there were animals approaching each other... always in separate scenes... with the music buildup... to make it more suspenseful... did not work for me...

I would rather have had a documentary about the lion sanctuary etc....


Why was the movie a little slow to you?? Because the director didnt show sick carnival employees beating baby cubs and idiots firing rifle shots repeatedly at the lions like in Two Brothers?? Or because it didnt have "animal scenes to intense for some kids" as in Disney's new African Cats?? _url_dcomafricancats I think this film purposely combined fantastic story-telling w/ a somewhat documentary to make it less boring and more interesting for CHILDREN, and also adults who are still YOUNG at heart.

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Without question aimed at a young audience.

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It's unfortunate because he and his lions really need the money made from this film. There have been recent animal films that I have seen that were spectacular like last of the lions, african cats, soooo many good ones recently. He does amazing things with those lions and has a great connection with them, so why should his film fail. sad

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It's sad really! I watched the movie which was good. But, Kevin and the lions deserved a better story... and a movie that would be a commercial success!

As it is we're left with making donations to try to save the kingdom.