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Who is Devorah Rose, and why... he always wearing a dress?


Hahaha...there has seriously never been a reality show this, um, tranny won't do. And, like all of the other cast members, she is seriously delusional. She helped "make" Tinsley? That was in 2007, and TM had already long been the reigning Queen Bee for about 4 years by that point. If anything, they were lucky as hell to get her, and this cover was a step down for the Tins. Which is her achilles heel...she had reached such social heights that maybe happens only once every generation (Cornelia Quest, Aerin Lauder), was THE fashion and society darling, but she was so hungry for middle America fame that she would take literally any cheesy gig that came her way. Hence, this show. She should have made the cover of Town & Country by this point, really.

So I have to laugh at Devorah being so delusional, and telling all of those reporters that "the war is on" with Tinsley - telling the same story in the press line ober and over like anybody even cares - I'm sure Tins is quaking in her YSL booties as we speak.

Yet, as much of a weirdo as this Devorah chick is, she's a class act compared to PJC and Jules. After I watch them, I literally have to take a shower and do one of those Silkwood style scrubdowns. PJc saying he's "at the top" and doesn't need to use anyone?? Sure. Devorah was right - once he started going out again after the sticky fingers incident, literally everyone would go to the other side of the room. And Jules really is some kind of crud that I would scrape off my feet. So, while I am no Devorah fan by any means, and she is as cheesy as all hell, at least a) she WORKS, even if it's for a D-list magazine (although when summer comes around all these girls and gays still want to be in it, believe you me); b) she isn't coked up 24/7; and c) at least she is able to string two sentences together. To be sure, her "feud" with Tinsley is ludicrous, but her comments about the other cast members are very on point.

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.


it almost seems like every line that comes out of her mouth is extremely scripted....her feud is cheeeeeeeeeesy...she just comes off like she's trying to act like the "bad girl" in a movie