Plot Hole?

I thought the movie was pretty good. mostly the first segment for its raw shock value!!

I would call it something big that is happening to bollywood, new directors have the courage to try new things and only that experimental kind of cinema will mak bolywood more than your prdictable goody goody sugar ending routine.

Spoilers BELOW

Now the plothole i found in this movie was in the third segment, we are shown that the reporter sees the now closing down shop and he is told its because of the mms and all that. Fine. but if we are to assume lineraity then how come in the end rahul and his gf and the mms/shop couple are there?

hasnt the third part started AFTER the MMS debacle?

any thoughts?


not really,the reported was shot almost at the beginning of second chapter but is shot in the mid of third chapter so that means third chapter did not begin after the MMS scandal.