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Just a few real-world nitpicks

I just watched Frank, I thought it was a good movie. The subject matter was quirky enough (guy who never removes his paper-mache head) and it told a story, just not a conventional story. So I am not hating on the movie when I ask some real-world questions:

What happened to the album? They spent a year at the cabin, and successfully recorded it. Did Don's suicide just deter them from releasing it? Don was the manager as well as the sound guy. Do no one else have the vision of what do with the finished product?

How did Jon get enough money to fly them all to America? He spent the last of his nest egg on renting the cabin and feeding everyone. Did they sell the van and their equipment?

How did Jon buy a car to go travelling to Kansas and everywhere else looking for Frank? He told Frank they were behind on their rent at the motel and were getting evicted, now he has a car?

What is so cursed about being a keyboardist in the band? Don became the manager, and then killed himself. Lucas tried to kill himself. Not a good gig.

Why don't I have anymore questions? I'm not sure, I thought there were a few more.