Carry On Camp-ing...

Camp Oil-Steal Propaganda, more like.

Lemme eat another 50lbs of 'freedom fries' & I might become a little more credulous as my brain swims in fat...

I have opinions of my own, but I don't always agree with them - George Bush

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Saudi has 264 billion barrels of oil (est) and Afghanistan has 1.8 billion (est). We're not there for oil.


Did we watch the same documentary? How in the hell did you deduce the whole oil *beep*

Respect the people who are at least trying to make a difference.

"Wait!" "Worry" "Who Cares?"


He's talking about the reality of the situation, not what the documentary is trying to peddle. The idea that a US administration would sacrifice this amount of money, lives or political capital out of the goodness of their hearts is laughable, or at least it would be if the truth weren't so tragic.


And the trillions of dollars the US administration gives out yearly in financial aid is somehow a devious ploy for oil too? Or maybe not everyone is as black-hearted as you are, helterskelter.


OP, you have to think a little bigger than that...Oil would just be that extra helping of frosting. But the cake is the fact that as geography would have it; it's so temptingly close to the other team.

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