Rank the Asterix movies

Here is my ranking of live action Asterix films. What is yours ?

1. Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra
Chabat has made a very funny Asterix episode, with a lot of spoofs and a Les Nuls spirit. It is sometimes quite difficult to get all the references at once, and several watchings may be necessary, which is a good point.

2. Asterix at the Olympic Games
That film had very poor reviews. I expected something awful but it turned out I found it not that bad. Alain Delon is the best Julius Caesar you could ever dream of. Benoît Poelvoorde in the role of Brutus is amazing too. José Garcia and Elie Semoun are also very good. The filming is impressive. You can see where the money is. Some jokes are really funny but others are very tacky and they get me out of the film mentally _ for example, when Dany Brillant is singing. The last ten minutes are absolutely appaling. It is so bad.

3. Asterix & Obelix: God Save Britannia
Laurent Tirard had the wish to make a funny movies but the filming is so bad. Tirard is probably a good director but not for comedies. The jokes are on the paper but not on the screen. Tirard is trying too hard to be Chabat. The humor is very dated. Edouard Baer is a good cast, better than Clavier in my opinion. Other actors are good in the film : Catherine Deneuve, Fabrice Luchni (he is not Alain Delon but he makes a very good job). Gérard Depardieu is fascinating. He does not play the role of Obelix, he is Obelix. He is dumb and yet touching. Vincent Lacoste is very good in the role of the rebellious teenager.

4. Asterix & Obelix Take On Caesar
Claude Zidi does not even try to make you laugh. The film is very slow to start. The last 40 minutes is when the action really begins. Clavier is a very Jacquasse kind of Asterix. Daniel Prévost is a very good cast in the role of Prolix. The village is also very well made.


1. Mission Cleopatra - Hilarious, with parodies akin to the originals, even the detours from the comics plot work well.

2.Asterix & Obelix Take On Caesar - While the hit-or-miss comedy and "random events plot" that draws from various installments of the series (though to fans it's fun to catch the references) drag it down a bit, it certainly has the same spirit of the books and translates the comic visually in a perfect way.

3.God Save Britannia - The plot mixes two different comics, and thus doesn't have the streamlined story of Asterix in Britain (both comic and animated film) and is filled with distractions that drag at times. While some adaptations work (the hilarious Clockwork Orange-esque education scene), others aren't so lucky ("scared by Cacofonix" now has an angry British lady). Still entertains well when it works.

4.Olympic Games - For starters, Asterix becomes a secondary character in his own movie (that Clovis Cornillac is the weakest actor to play him doesn't help), with the new character Lovesix being the focus. Thus it has a weaker story and comedy - though props to the funny inclusion of Michael Schumacher.



I can't see how the last 2 could be any better than the first as OP sees it... They're so bad...
The first one was just not made to be over the top funny like the rest, but only Chabat gets it going anyway...

I disagree about Schumacher though, they just kept adding big names to the movie, just to put them on the prints, it felt very useless to me... I know the first 2 movies had many names too, but they were playing characters, not just there for no reason like Schumacher, Zidane and the others in 3.)... And taking a jab at Clavier by making Jamel say that Asterix looked better than ever, did not help either...