Series Finale

I'm shocked to be writing this, but this was a very unexpectedly good, maybe even REALLY good, finale to a show that, in my opinion, had become a shade of itself since Allison died. I've been a Mulcahey fan since Razorback, but he's been directing scripts on Teen Wolf written by clickbait hacks. THIS last script (1) made actual sense, (2) brought together every character in the series about whom I cared (even Allison, albeit by chilling, poignant reference), (3) alluded to Greek tragedy in a moment that [SPOILER] made me yell, "Oedipus Wolf," (4) quoted Hotspur, in another theatrical reference that tells me that whomever wrote the script has respect both for his/her audience and his/her craft, and (5) gave us a coherent overview of the teamwork and love shared by the members of Scott's pack. The episode went beyond that of which I thought the show was still capable. I am very glad to have been wrong.