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Show need to be renamed jump the shark....or recasting


Just saw the 6/11 and my god I could not be more disgusted. We had a whole 1 MINUTE review of the past 6 seasons so far. Then the first 15 mins were filler/MORE REVIEW. I get it you want people to jump in and be able to view this show at any point. Gotta break it to you. You can't. This show is like a soap opera. You can't just drop in.

Anyways, scott, lydia, and replacement gf #3 for stiles, were preparing to leave town. For some reason they stayed behind. ??? then suddenly "WE CAN'T LEAVE!" Dear god. WELL yeah you can't since in the opening titles you are the main CAST. Only way I knew stiles was gonna be a no show was with the whole 'with guest appearance of dylan obrien' title.

That is just the tip of the problems I have with this show. It jumped the shark a long time ago, mostly for all the actors getting greedy and leaving to try to get on another show. But to stick with this ep for a moment. I hate the whole EXTREME lydia close ups and her scared face. No offence, she started off as a fresh pretty faced girl. But then she thought she was fat, starved herself, maybe drugs, no idea. The close ups now she looks 40yo somehow. She pulled a lindsey lohan. Unfortunate. But also it was just filler she used to have freak outs that were a flash. Now she is WALKING around a room for 5 mins. FILLER!

Lazy new villain set up. Oops we randomly let out a bad guy. Random creepy/annoying new teacher. And of course we gotta a lot of shirtless men. Literally on fire tho. LOL Fighting each other. I though that young new cop shirts were too tight as it was. How doe he even function? LOL Don't worry he'll just burn it off lol.

What a sad ending to a show that started off with such good promise. TOO BAD all the people that made the show interesting LEFT. The og cast mates (stiles, jackson, erica, boyd, derek, etc.) That left the writers scrambling to come up with new sh!t. Sad thing is that the writers were good, and they set sh!t up WAYY in advance for a pay off. So all these cast members that leave/die off in the show, their story ark is left open/unfinished. No pay off. And this has happened SO many times. SAD. Like Stiles was supposed to get with erika, then they got someone else, she left too, #3 finally stayed LOL. Not to mention rando characters that were supposed to replace pack members. They left, new people. The show became a mess. What good did it do for all the cast to leave? That was a real kick in the face and so disrespectful to the show that gave them their big break. They could have made a beloved show had they stayed. Like maybe (no offence to any one Seinfeld, Friends, Star Trek) BECAUSE they were good/cult following all the actors were always in demand and are superstars to THIS DAY.

But these idiots that want a quick buck jumping from project to project in a DESPERATE attempt to become a 'superstar' you will be FORGOTTEN. Sorry don't want anyone to fail or anything, just saying it like it is. You will be a flash in the pan and not KNOWN for anything, other than pissing off Teen Wolf fans LOL if even that. You know what they say, slow and steady wins the race. Also LOL at Dylan's movie career, flop after flop. And he was a fan fave. At least he tried to stay with the show. But he should have 100% committed. Doing it on the side was a real disservice to his fans


The show has definitely gone downhill but it's been that way for a while now. And as for so many of the cast members leaving, have you considered it was because they weren't happy with the show and/or wanted to move on?? The writing was never that good to begin with. As much as i love the characters, a lot of the things they do make no sense.


Imo I think these actors just got greedy. All the projects they went on to were pretty similar. Shows geared to a younger audience. And the writing in these young adult shows seems to be all the same. Imo teen wolf was one of the more intelligent shows. I enjoyed how they would search physical places, libraries, canvas the area, talk to other humans. Not like most shows where everything is solved by a quick google search.

I just feel like their egos got the best of them. This show could have gone down as one of the greatest. Now, it will go down as the one were the cast kept leaving, replaced, left again, jumped the shark, and had many unfinished character arcs.


I disagree, i don't think greed has anything to do with it. I think some of the actors were ready to leave and there have been numerous behind the scenes stories about the Teen Wolf set being unprofessional. And most of the actors have gone on to different types of roles, some more mature than others. I think the cw/mtv have a similar demographic but i think cw shows are slightly better writing wise. Teen Wolf was off to a good start but intelligent is not a word i would use to describe this show. It went downhill very quickly due to massive plotholes, inconsistent characterisation and too many storylines.


Yes the downhill spiral was due to these people leaving. That can't wrap up a plot line when the person who it belongs to is not there. Also so many plot lines since they had to get new people, they left too, so more plot lines.


Well a lot of the characters are replacements/2.0 versions (e.g Erica/Cora/Malia).