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One of the most Bizarre films I've ever seen (SPOILERS)

SPOILERS, you have been warned.

For most of the movie, I was like, this is NOT a horror film. And I was like, this is abuse of the mentally disabled, even though he was a clone and the lead wasn't thinking of him as a human being.

Basically, this really unlikable guy who is bored with his perfect, successful life inherits an apartment/condo thing in Greece. For some dumb reason, he fails to open the door to what everyone would probably think was a closet next to his bed. So for like the first 25 minutes of the movie, nothing happens, except some really nice shots of Greece. I happen to love Greece so I stuck with the movie.

Then, one night, he hears weird noises from behind the door, he opens the door to find a man who is just covered in filth and chained up in the room. It looks like it might be a bathroom, but there's no toilet that I remember seeing. It was just weird. So, instead of him calling the cops or anything, he feeds the guy. And the next day, he goes siteseeing and just pretends there's no one chained up in his house. It was totally weird.

So then finally, he goes back in and he finds the chained guy has a dogtag. And his name is D'Augustino. And this guy has the mentality of a baby. He takes the tag, researches it on the net and finds out this guy is a clone that was created to be an organ donor. But his ship or plane or whatever crashed and he was lost. And somehow he ended up chained up in this place. That was definitely odd, because it left me wondering if his grandmother who left him the place was keeping this guy chained up. It was just weird.

And still, he doesn't call the cops or anything. He decides to keep D'Aug like a family pet. He doesn't even put clothes on him for the entire movie. He keeps him leashed and feeds him dog food out of a bowl. He does clean him up, though.

For most of this part of the movie, it really seemed to me like he was just abusing someone who was mentally disabled. But like I said, he was thinking of him as a clone and a pet, not as a human. And D'Aug behaved like a pet dog. Until it got super icky where the lead guy got some sexual fantasies or sexual reality going with him. So then I was thinking it was more of the movie writer's sick twisted fantasy to have sex with someone this disabled or something really twisted.

The ending was even weirder. D'Aug gets a hold of this guy's computer and all of a sudden it triggers something in him and awakens his intelligence. The whole thing was so jumped the shark fake. But anyway, he puts on the lead's clothes, gets on a plane, and goes to this guy's wife. And the ending twist, apparently, was he puts on her clothes and makes dinner for the lead and guess what's in the dinner pot.........I think you can guess. So he turned into his weird Hannibal Lector Frankenstein thing. Which is why I can't say I hated the movie. And it does sort of throw it into the horror genre.

I think I'm just at a total loss as to how to rate or categorize this film. I didn't hate it. It was like this weird train wreck that you can't stop watching. And you're just waiting for something to happen, which it actually really does at the end.

It's a very strange film. You'll probably either hate it or like it. I'm just sort of left with this puzzled, what did I just watch kind of feeling. I don't know. I guess file it under weird indie horror.