rude guests

medievil episode

Liz McClarnon and the guy 'craig' they were freaking rude.

Craig is a hypocrite saying "duh i hope we get to rip hooves off pig legs" and crap like that, but the instant he gets served some lamprey, because its not beautiful he and the rest of the so-called ADULTS act like kids and start whining and complaining

Liz McClarnon dips her pinky into her dish and smells her finger like she's smelling dog sh*t or something. sOOO rude, you're guests invited to a dinner party and you act like a bunch of b*thces.

I mean craig acting like a melodramtic gay guy was so so infuriating to watch, i mean 'Germaine Greer', an old women, was cool as, she never bitched once and was opened to all sorts of food

tudor episode

'caroline feraday' was just as rude as, "oh no i won't eat tongue", tell that to the starving african kids that don't have the luxury of choice, its food, who cares, it goes in differently but it comes out all the same. All the guests are acting like brats

if its horrible tasting thats onething, but when they start kicking up a fuss because its not beautiful looking thats just lame.

apart from that i love the show, although heston could've pushed himself further with the exotic meats in the tudor episode and actually use turtle in his mockturtle soup. I mean the meat is not that good so what? use your magic and make it great. I don't like when he gives up like that. Heston is partly right on why people eat alot of pork or beef, but other people love other types of meat because its all a testament to their cooking skills