rude guests #2

CHRISTMAS feast episode

the perception of food, more specifically by westerners is kind of pathetic. I am watching the christmas episode and let me tell you how stupid it is where example, 'mariella frostrup' saying she can't eat a poor little doormouse. YET...she has no problem eating a poor dear thats been shot killed and taken away from its family to be gutted and cooked

How come if its a mouse its like its sad to eat it but if its bigger you dont' feel sorry for it.

Also when heston asks the public to try the mouse, one of the stupid patrons at a diner says "why would you ask me to eat it, its vermin and it probably has diseases"

you mean pigs and cows CAN'T catch diseases? dumbest thing i've ever heard EVER!!

not to mention westerners saying it has diseases is only due to you idiots letting them wander through your sewer systems and such. In places like china they go through the fields and they eat grass and berries and thus less chance of diseases.

p.s no one wants to see mariellas wrinkley naked body anyways