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This show is awesome.

You guys are starting to take this stuff way to seriously.

I laugh out loud the entire time.

Miller is the best.

And the suicide group is awesome.

Of course the stars are dating, they are freaking gorgeous!

I wish there were more shows like this one.


People are taking this show too seriously, you're right. It's a bittersweet comedy with GREAT laugh-out-loud moments. It's also very, VERY touching in my opinion.

I don't see how it's comparable to Six Feet Under, either. People are saying that... Like my mom says, at least the characters on Gravity are LIKEABLE :P

Really Jewish Starfish.


It took a few episodes to get into it, but I really dig the show and am getting behind the characters. In teh first episode I thought the Miller character wasn't needed and even not that good, but as Eric is hilarious in the part and everything is beginning to unravel.


I agree. I started watching the first on-demand episode one day because i was bored and there was nothing on. Now, i cant wait to see what happens tonight. I didnt think that i would get into it but now i cant wait to see what happens next. I think Miller is a good character. I hate him, and I think thats why he adds so much to the story line. The end of episode 9 blew my mind!


This show COULD be awsome.

-without Miller.

Good to see Eric Schaeffer's family posting here, though. Nice when families support each other.


So basically you go around to every thread and accuse anyone who likes the show of being a sock puppet? Brilliant.

The show was indeed awesome. I just finished watching them all for the first time, and thought Eric Schaeffer was brilliant. I would buy it on DVD and show it to all my friends just to weird them out.


I wish there was a Starved/Gravity box set!

It would totally be ok!