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Sexual Abuse? *SOME SPOILERS*

Just to let you know, I love this movie. Lately a question about a scene has been bugging me. It's the part where Linda tries to ladyrape Aidan,the handicapped guy, and he's says something like, "I haven't really done this before.... except maybe that one time... at the Christian Brotherhood..." I recall Aidan being given up for adoption by his parents, and I wondered if he had been sexually abused as a child, or maybe sexually exploited by a man. The fact that he wasn't 'sure' the past event was sex or not makes me wonder either if he was 'touched inappropriately' or was sodomized. I'll take the opportunity to say that everyone should see this movie, despite the negative ratings and reviews.


The character Aidan Murphy is based on a real person called Aidan Walsh who has lead a very interesting life. There is a documentary about him called Aidan Walsh, Master of the Universe. And sadly, yes, he suffered said abuse from the Christian Brothers School as a child.

On the bright side, he did become famous like he said he would :)