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Excellent filmmaking - a TRUE independent film

Want to talk independent film? Try this - Jamie Thraves remortgaged his house to get this film made.

A true character study, mostly light hearted in places with bursts of dark drama throughout. It's a human drama about loneliness, fractured relationships and false perceptions.

Aiden Gillian as a motormouth irishman is astonishing. COMPLETELY unrecognisable from his earlier role in Thraves debut film, The Low Down. This is NOT the Thomas Carcetti we have come to know in HBO's The Wire.

Thraves portraits his characters a raw, flawed, vulnerable yet FUNNY human beings. Theres no bull, no cop out. Tom's dilemma is never explicitedly gone into detail, yet Thraves trusts us to use our emotional intelligence to at least sympathise with what Tom's going through.

As good and possibly better than Thraves 'The Low Down'.

I urge anybody who actually loves film to watch this. This felt like my generation's version of Whithnal and I .

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