As with a lot of very low-budget British films, this is oddly grey and has rubbish sound quality. (Tom doesn't say much. But, what he does say is barely audible...) I'm all for allowing the audience to fill in a few gaps. But, in this case, Tom remains almost completely anonymous and there's not even a hint as to why he felt the need to leave his family and live rough. So, I didn't really care about him... Linda is a really problematic character... Presumably the sex obsession is meant to be due to abuse in early life. But, again, we don't know for sure, which makes her just seem like an aggressive slut - a bit uncomfortable, considering she's the only female character... And, is the kitten really significant enough to have the whole film named after it..? However, Aidan Gillen manages to make his character - who could easily have just been very annoying - likeable and the film managed to hold my interest throughout... A long way from perfect - a lot more work on the script wouldn't have gone amiss. But, watchable