Ok Movie. Fatal Flaw

Im sure others have pointed this out, but why don't they just heal the people of Earth? I healthy happy work force is a super productive one. And by the looks of things it doesn't seem to cost much too heal people.

I mean, maybe it does cost too much to heal everybody... But in a society this advanced I don't think we'd be lacking the necessary resources, technology, and know-how.

Also like I said, if you justify this already for moral reasons, chuck em a bone and at the least you'll keep the work force happy, e.g. Less likely to revolt!


Same logic can easily be applied to real life all throughout history. Bottom line, human beings are generally incredibly selfish. As long as we've got a roof over our heads and enough food on the table, the likelihood is that we're not going to personally go out and buy the homeless guy sleeping on our street a dinner and take him to a shelter. Of course, there are some people who would do that but they are few and far between and most of us can find ways to justify not particularly give a damn about people worse off than us as long as we personally are doing okay.

The people on Elysium seem to operate on an "out of sight, out of mind" policy - to a fairly literal level. They literally have no reason to care about anyone on Earth because...exactly what does it matter to them whether the Earthlings are happy or not? The point is that the citizens of Elysium are happy. I'm willing to bet this is even why Elysium is a space-station in the first place: the people of Earth literally cannot revolt against them because they do not even exist in the same place. Say Max getting dosed with radiation had sparked a revolution in the factory where he worked - okay, that's one droid-producing factory down but what exactly would it accomplish in the grand scheme of things? Virtually nothing. Carlyle would probably have just headed back to Elysium at the first sign of trouble so the workers' only "bargaining chip" would be a yes-man foreman. And even if the revolt had somehow spread across LA without the police-droids shutting it down, they'd still have very few realistic options to substantially change anything. Spider and Max only succeeded more due to luck than anything else - if the security folks on Elysium hadn't been so distracted with the Max/Kruger situation, they would have noticed Spider's shuttle and taken measures to contain it once it landed. Also there's the fact that even with the healthcare, it doesn't solve the Earth's issues of overpopulation and pollution...