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Penguins losing ability to fly

Anybody else kind of annoyed how the Discovery Channel script writers completely botched the reason why penguins have lost their ability to fly? Oprah made it seem like the evolved their flightless traits to hunt in the oceans, that doesn't explain why there are fishing birds in the northern hemisphere that have maintained their ability to fly. The real reason is that there are no land predators in the Antarctic (with the exception of seals which most penguins can out maneuver on land). If there were polar bears or arctic foxes on South Georgia Island or other primary penguin nesting grounds, they would have maintained their ability to fly.

Is it really too much to ask that an actual biologist fact check the the narration, or at the very least, just use the script the BBC version used? If you go off the American version, you would assume that animals are trying to "date" other animals out of romantic desire as opposed to the desire to survive. Wild animals don't have girlfriends/boyfriends, regardless of how cute Oprah thinks this concept is. In addition, with the exception of primates, animals cannot comprehend the concept of revenge over a previous transgression.


Actually other animals HAVE demonstrated behavior that could be called revenge. I've witnessed this myself with dog packs, and heard of this in relation to elephants and other animals. It's not limited to apes.


Although it's true that many species have life mates, like some birds. That sounds awful.

It's bad enough in the BBC series, even David A. makes statements that sound like the individual animals and the are trying to evolve, rather than a random genetic mutation surviving as other genetic materials eventually disappear.

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