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Is Lydia good or bad?

Lydia is one of the few interesting stories on walking dead. What do people think is going to happen with her? Is she really just an abused teen who is going to connect with Daryl (boring)? Or is she secretly still working for Alpha (cool)? It felt like the flashback of her and Alpha arguing at the kingdom had more to it. Like Alpha agreeing to let her stay but having her act as a spy or something like that.
I felt like Lydia could have told Alpha to kill those teenagers who bothered her. Is this possible or am I reading too much into it?


Doubtful. The break between them is too obvious; and Lydia really did love Henry, by killing him her mother has crossed a line that can't be uncrossed. But we've seen (with some exceptions) how Lydia isn't entirely trusted by the group. And not being able to go back with the Whisperers even if she wanted to, which she doesn't, kinda puts her between two worlds belonging to neither.

I'm surprised they killed off Henry. The storyline given to Carl in the comics was being split between him and Judith, now half that equation has been taken out. It'll be interesting to see what Lydia does now. She wanted to kill herself in last season's finale, maybe next season she'll make it her personal mission to take down her mom. Now that would be interesting.