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But... Go Woke, Go Broke

It's been mildly annoying seeing right-wing morons post this phrase over the past few years. Last summer they credited Maverick's success to refusing to succumb to political correctness (never mind the multi-ethnic cast and female pilots). People watched Tom Cruise defeat Red Eagle because they wanted to see the jets go vr00m. (In the previous movie, Iceman and Maverick bravely defended the Indian Ocean from Gold Circle/Red Star).

Maybe, just maybe, for most people, politics does not play an important role in a movie's commercial success. It can -- especially, not surprisingly, for right-wing audiences. They're apparently flocking to watch Jesus in the child-trafficking film like it's a religious revival. The movie's marketed to Trump supporters, but generally speaking, what matters is the quality or perceived quality of the film. The Spiderverse sequel has made hundreds of millions of dollars. It's supposed to be "woke" and excellent.


'If it rhymes, it'll be true sometimes.'

Or something.