One of my guilty pleasures

I have several guilty pleasures and one that's in my head being Alien VS Predator (just the first one), also by Paul Anderson.

This one, I think I was in the right mood for it.
Just staring at the screen and smiling.

Funny story when I watched it for the first time,
I was watching it on TV and my mother also watched it from the beginning.
She told me: "See I like these kind of films better than films nowadays. The screen is just CG all the time."
Now this was her saying in first 15 minutes or so when they were just fighting with swords.
Half an hour later she went to bed and never spoke of the movie again.

But I genuinely liked it.

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down and a Wagging Finger of Shame


Avp is mine too and Resident evil as well...He is definitely a *beep* director but I still watch his movies:D