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I have changed my mind about this movie.

I am a big fan of the 1992 movie. That one is silly fun and didn't take itself too seriously, so why didn't I like this remake? I turned up my nose at this one when I first saw it. Although I enjoyed the CGI and eye candy I thought the story was incomprehensible and the airships were just too stupid and over the top.

But upon another viewing I have come to see this movie as nothing but escapist and silly fun. I paid more attention to the plot and I enjoyed it much more. Although the "four" musketeers are not as charismatic as their 90s counterpart, they're still enjoyable to watch. I hated the airships the first time around and this time I can accept them more as part of this mindless fun. However, I do think the movie would have been more enjoyable without them. If you want escapist fun then this movie is enjoyable.