Excellent film!

I really enjoyed this very much. It was surprisingly simple in plot yet had good development. However, what I liked the most was the true-to-life dialogue. It really felt like another day in a common person's life. I almost wished it was a bit longer. It left me wanting more. :)

Great work!


At first - for a no budget production, the visual quality was excellent, and they also seemed to have quite a bit of talent in filming/camera movement. However, the audio quality really could have been better, and there was too much background noise in some scences.

The opening scene felt not very realistic - if you're a man searching for a woman and online dating really works that way for you, than you can be lucky. Apart from promoting file sharing in general, the rest of the movie was a cigarette and Apple commercial - but overall not so bad that I turned it off or fast forwarded it. I thought that she might have been from the FBI - now THAT would have been a really interesting story.


It ended abruptly as hell. I was just getting into it and then the credits started rolling.



Au contraire!

Intelligent marketing.. definitely.
Excellent film? No way!

It's one thing to direct, cast and cut an indie film, but creating a true gem is rare and there are only a few of them in modern cinema. This one? Doesn't quite qualify for lousy interacting of the characters, lack of character-personality and virtually NO development in plot nor flow.

Not my type of film, but that's just my 2 cents - massively overhyped.