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What I hope to see in Halloween Kills

Whilst watching Halloween 2018 in the cinema, I was hoping they would show a flashback scene to 1978; perhaps showing Michael going down the street being captured. For me, this would have made the film even more amazing.

I once had an idea for a flashback, and would like to know your thoughts on it!

Imagine this: The screen has a 1978 gritty look as the scene cuts abruptly to a much leaner younger Michael, limping down a dark alleyway. His bloodied hand covering his chest, his weapon no longer with him. We see through his perspective as he suddenly drops to the floor. Police sirens and screams of witnesses are heard, gaining the attention of the police. People are pointing down this dark alleyway toward a set of legs sticking out behind a small shrub. Next thing we see is a low camera angle view of police officers' legs running down towards a now unconscious Michael - his original pristine mask in glorious full view.
From the same low angle, we see the officers talking and Dr. Loomis standing at Michael's feet. (Off course they would need a stand in but its just for his legs, so they wouldn't see his upper half)
Perhaps use technology to make Dr. Loomis say "The evil is still alive." Or something like that!

I wish Hawkins was the guy to initiate a flashback scene in Halloween 2018 - maybe he could have been talking to that black guy (who I think was his boss) about what happened that night. Hawkins was about probably 19 or 20 in 1978 so even he could have been in the flashback as a rookie cop (because he said he was there that night back in '78)

Anyway, what do you guys think?
What do you wanna see in Halloween Kills?



I was a great movie no doubt, in fact, I bought a costume like Michael from because I love his character. Now waiting for this year Halloween movie.