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Halloween II is the superior sequel and deserves to be part of the canon

I know John Carpenter stated that he needed beer to get through writing it and Jamie Lee Curtis referred to it as a "turkey", but it really is the only one of the sequels that feels true to the spirit of the original and feels like it takes place in the same universe. Yes, it has more gore to it, but to me, gore is like a spice, it can be used to give a slasher movie a real flavor boost if not overused.

Halloween H20 is also the better revenge film (with the painful exception of Michael's mask, which is is just atrocious and resembles a bad Party City knock-off).

In closing, Halloween (2018) is a solid sequel that I probably see in theaters again, and definitely, purchase on home video. But I feel like the other two movies deserve a little more love and respect than they've gotten in the past.


Neither touches this new one. Not even close. But I know most people here will disagree with that and agree with you. So, in the minority I be! I’m good with that.


I'm absolutely thrilled that everyone is so hyped up about a new Halloween movie, as a long-time fan. I'm definitely not trying to spoil anyone's fun or tell anyone they're wrong for having a different opinion. Just my two cents.


Halloween 2 and H20 have gotten plenty of love and respect from fans. Halloween 2 is widely regarded as the second best film in the franchise after the original by a large chunk, perhaps even the majority, of the fanbase. And H20 was regarded as the best sequel since Halloween 2 by many, even though its resemblance to teen slashers of its time (Scream, I Know What you Did Last Summer) have caused it to not age so well

And "canon" doesn't really exist in the Halloween franchise. There are tons of timelines that you can choose from. I mean, you have Halloween 1 and 2, Halloween 4, 5, and 6 which deal with Jamie and all that shit, Halloween H20 and Resurrection which retcon 4, 5, and 6, the Rob Zombie remakes which are their own totally separate thing, and now this new Blumhouse timeline. And let's not talk about Halloween 3


"Halloween 3"

That movie is an absolute blast! I'm glad its gained a following in the intervening years. It's the most John Carpenter-feeling horror movie that wasn't actually directed by John Carpenter.


agreed, pretty average film. H20 was much better. If you going to remove canon you need to be better.


The original Halloween II has always been my favorite..I love it. I thought it was true to the original, stayed with the vibe, the story made sense and tied Laurie and Michael together..and t was creepy as heck in that spooky hospital setting. That's too bad the writer and acres seem hate it, it really is a good film.

The original Halloween, Halloween II and Halloween Twenty are my fave trilogy..thought they all went together nicely.


I really like both films. I love Halloween II and have been a big fan for a long time. However, I saw 2018 and really liked it too, and much better than H20! Now the issue is that I don't know how to marathon these...! I sorta choose to believe that II happened and the conversation about Laurie not being his sister is just misinformation.


I might do the same thing with a marathon. Halloween I, II, and to a lesser extent, Halloween (2018), are consistent in terms of tone. The fact that Laurie is Michael's sister wouldn't be common knowledge anyway, as the information was originally sealed by the courts, and few would be privy to it.


Ha, good point! Most wouldn't know it so perhaps Laurie doesn't even know it (unlikely!)! Still, the only other parts are that Mike isn't burned and they only credit him with 5 kills. It does confuse me a bit that he would be so well remembered for 5 kills... But, again, the Judith angle probably helps the mythos even in this timeline!


Halloween II (1981) definitely deserves more credit than it gets. I love it almost as much as the original.

However, I also really liked Halloween (2018).

I have it rated above H20 because:

- I like Jamie Lee's Laurie Strode better in this one

- The mask is very important, and the one in H20 sucks. It looks like they got it off the rack from Target or Kmart. While, in Halloween (2018), they crafted it well, and it looks amazing.

- Carpenter doing the music. He killed it in this film.

- The atmosphere. Michael, being in the neighborhood, moving through allies and behind houses while trick-or-treaters walk the streets. So much more effective than a boarding school.

- No stupid cameos! Thank god it's not the late 90's/early 2000's movie making anymore. There are no rappers, models, ect.

I'm fine with there being two timelines. I can enjoy both.