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Hosts make this show unwatchable

Aside from the fact that there's already enough of these shows that show internet clips of stupid people (MTV has 2 of them themselves, this show and the Rob Dyrdek show), but to have these 2 clowns hosting makes this one hands down the worst one out there.

Neither one of them is funny but the Amir (he's the one with the glasses right?) guy is brutally unfunny. I'm familiar with the college humor stuff so i thought this show might be worth watching but the hosts are so pathetic and unfunny.

Who is running MTV these days? 12 year olds? It's amazing that a station could be so big and great like it was in the 90s and then go down faster than a whore on prom night like it has. MTV has more shows about pregnant teenagers than it does about music videos.


agree that Amir is not funny at all