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There's so many things wrong with this movie (SPOILERS)

First, this Flick tells viewers that it's okay to beat someone up because they're a bully. Newsflash, it is not okay to put your hands on someone just because they insult you. Bob Stone had issues, he beat up the guys in the bar because they dissed him and he punched a guy in the face and knocked him out at the end of the movie because he verbally assaulted him, how is Bob stone's reactions okay? it isn't! Violence isn't the answer, he should have been arrested and put in jail, it isn't a crime to diss someone, but it is a crime to physically assault people.

Second, the black stereotype in this Film is absolutely disgusting, there's plenty of scenes that show racism and ignorance, example when Bob asks Calvin about a Molly Ringwald movie, Calvin answers with "I'm black so i don't know anything about that movie", another scene Calvin says to his wife on the phone that "black people don't go to therapy, black people watch barbershop instead", excuse me??? you're going to talk for a whole race of people?? smh the writers should be ashamed of themselves.

Third, The Rock talking slang just doesn't suit him at all, he's better than that, but obviously the writers wanted to degrade him.

Forget the action scenes, the messages that this Film sends are awful, if you want a decent CIA action Flick with a bit of humour i recommend the 2002 Chris Rock, Anthony Hopkins movie "Bad Company".


Years ago I'd have said the same things. Today, I find the movie just tongue-in-cheek and an all opportunity offender. Without all that-the movie wouldn't exist unless you had a bigger budget and renamed it something like MI2 Junior.

Ironically, Johnson isn't exactly white so I wonder who feels the most dissed?

My mom got tired of me explaining after comedy movies how unbelievable or stupid they are. Thankfully, she reminded me film is fantasy and I don't have to be disappointed if I would relax.

Good thing-the next movie I saw was Police Academy 2... I already knew it'd be ridiculous and was able to enjoy it for what it was.

Now, serious movies? I won't nitpick but I do notice too much probably.


Violence is promoted in movies, shows, and media constantly. Agree that it's not a good thing.

Same for the whole "Black people are like this", "Asian people do that", "This is a white thing", that is so common in comedies. All it does is reinforce the idea that race defines you.


Yeah it's totally unreasonable and inappropriate to suggest it's okay to stand up to and kick the ass of a guy who threatens you with a gun. Especially when they throw the first punch. Totally unprovoked. You should also not defend yourself when assaulted by someone who is intent on abusing you. At no point did he make the first move but that's no excuse to defend yourself!

As far as racism, you should try calling out all the racial and sexist stereotypes if you're gonna complain about it. Not just cherry picking. Personally, I was happy with the even handed approach they took to the stereotyping. All or none.


Jesus how many accounts are you going to make to bash this movie? Are you even black? Wtf do you care


I rather enjoyed the film. Would see it again.