Any good?

As I write this, "The Forest" has got 10 reviews all praising it and giving it 9 or 10 stars. It also has a rating of 2.6.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that those reviews are probably fake.

So can anyone that didn't work on, star in, isn't related to, or in some way connected to this movie let me know if it's worth my time?


I bought this the other day Dec 2014. I didn't even finish it. The audio is crappy. When they are talking the volume goes down and the back ground sound goes up.
I stopped watching when I couldn't really hear what the two men in the morgue were saying.
But, it sounded like a clothes dryer was running. The cover of the DVD was cool. I never saw anything scary. Just young people talking about a girl missing.
I never saw the "forest" or the scary girl on the cover. After hearing the "dryer" I gave up.